Photo courtesy of Vistancia

Almost a decade ago, we watched the collapse of the housing market across the US.  Phoenix was amongst one of the cities that was negatively effected.  However, fast forward 12 years and the Phoenix housing market went from zero to hero.  Phoenix is not only making a comeback from the housing market “crash” it tops the leaderboard. Ranking #2 in’s list of 10 Best Cities for Homeowners.

According to the report, Phoenix home appreciation in the last 5 years is growing at a rapid pace.  Meanwhile, Phoenix was ranked 2nd lowest in foreclosure among the top metro areas in the US.  This is welcome news, during the collapse we saw home values drop over 50% overnight and foreclosures were amongst the highest across the U.S.

Not only is this terrific news for homeowners in the Phoenix Metro area it also is represents overall economic  growth and stability within the region.

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