Things To Do

  • Phoenix Arts and Culture

    Phoenix Arts and Culture

    The arts thrive in Phoenix thanks in part to an active creative and civic community with major annual events in almost every Phoenix city.

  • Arts in Phoenix

    Arts in Phoenix

    Arts and cultural organizations are big contributors to the local economy generating jobs and critical support.

  • Phoenix Museums and Attractions

    Phoenix Museums and Attractions

    Arizona is filled with fascinating museums and exciting attractions. Historic districts art galleries botanical gardens and zoos provide hours (and even days) of fun and learning in both Phoenix and TucsonParkHeritage

The Phoenix Dining Scene

From spunky upstart bistros to mom and pop eateries to classic haute cuisine dining Phoenix is a virtual paradise waiting to be discovered.

  • Top Golf Courses in Phoenix and Scottsdale

    Top Golf Courses in Phoenix and Scottsdale

    With over three hundred thirty days of sunshine and more than 200 courses set in the dramatic desert landscape it’s no wonder golfers flock year round. If you’re considering relocating to this great city or just visiting these are just a few of the best golf courses Phoenix & Scottsdale has to offer.

  • Civic Space Park – A Local Phoenix Attraction

    Civic Space Park – A Local Phoenix Attraction

    The civic space park is a bridge between the ASU and surrounding community and accommodates a variety of uses events and daily functions. Abundant shady areas for picnics and outdoor relaxation. A signature shade structure is the centerpiece of the park's sustainable design.

  • Arizona Sports and Athletics

    Arizona Sports and Athletics

    Arizona offers a wide variety of sports and recreational activities to please everyone: couch potatoes weekend warriors full-on athletes and die-hard fans love the Phoenix sports scene. With year-round mild temperatures getting up and getting out has become a way of life.

Phoenix Shopping

Bursting with color and alive with life Arizona’s shopping scene is known for variety and vibrancy; old and new traditional and cutting edge.

Top 8 Phoenix Area Gyms

If you're new to the Phoenix area & looking for a gym check out our list of the Top 8 to try out in the Phoenix area!

  • Professional Sports Teams in Phoenix

    Professional Sports Teams in Phoenix

    With just about every major sport represented sports tourism is big business in Phoenix contributing to over $2 billion annually to the area economy.

  • Major League Baseball in Arizona

    Major League Baseball in Arizona

    Arizona’s temperate spring weather has made the Valley of the Sun is a veritable nexus for Major League Baseball’s (MLB) spring training program camps since 1908