People come to Arizona and try to find a home on their own, using Real Estate professional such as Team Minik. Michelle MInik, founder of Team Minik has a team of agents that are wonderful, beautiful people that are ready to help you, whether you’re moving from out of state or out of country, find your home right here in Arizona.



Why people are moving to Arizona. First of all, the weather is fantastic! Eight months out of the year, people are in flip-flops and tank tops. Well, actually pretty much all year round for that.


Another top reasons why people are moving to Arizona is because they are looking for a much bigger space for their new home. Home space being one major factor, Arizona has become a top destination for having lower median housing price.


Based on the report from North America Moving Service, with a major shift toward remote work for several occupations, along with continually rising housing costs, people are rapidly moving from the coasts and Midwest to the South and Southwest. With many employers having limited to no requirements for onsite work in 2021, more Americans were free to move, resulting in a jump of 20% more people moving compared to 2020.



Really good house prices right now. The taxes are very reasonable for real estate taxes. People know that when they’re here in the area, they have great opportunities, great jobs, and etc. There’s a lot of growth out here.


The third thing is it is a vacation destination. People come out here for Barrett Jackson, for the waste management tour. Waste Management Phoenix Open also have a ton of activities here, golfing, biking, hiking, and the list goes on. Not to mention the grand festivals such as Taco Festival, Ostrich Festival, and Grand Fiesta Festival. Truly, if even second homeowners are buying in droves out here because what, what better place to be, but Arizona. That’s why this is a great destination.


Michelle, founding partner of Team Minik – a multi-million-dollar producer since the beginning of her career in real estate and has sold over 10.9 million each year for the past 22 years in a row. Michelle and her team have successfully sold more than 1142 homes for her clients equaling a staggering 229.6 million dollars in gross sales volume, in addition to maintaining a 236 with Five Star Review rating on Zillow and 30 5-Start reviews rating on Google for her dedication to her clients and commitment to customer service.

But when she was asked to say all of her wonderful achievements, Michelle quoted, “The truth of the matter is, it’s not about me. It’s about you, the people. It’s about how much you can put into another person’s journey on buying or selling a home and really helping people because this is a very stressful situation.”

Michelle has several out-of-state partners and clients that can attest to her knowledge and experience. Personal referral and repeat business clientele proves her immaculate work ethic and character. She understands that buying a home can be a stressful time for her clients, which is why she has carefully hand-picked her team to ensure her clients are provided a stress-free experience with seamless transactions. Michelle is available for her clients both day and night.


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