With origins in agriculture and later evolving to manufacturing and high-tech fields Phoenix businesses include a wide array of industries including financial, healthcare,  technology and tourism.  Displaying the diversity all around with Phoenix and industry.


In the financial industry, American Express and JPMorgan Chase have a big presence in Phoenix.  In addition, numerous branch offices for numerous brokerage firms and host of financial planners wealth managers. Overall, the Phoenix area is home to nearly 600 bank and credit union branches from local financial institutions to international powerhouses like Chase Wells Fargo Wachovia and Bank of America.  All of which are eager to do their part in helping launch and nurture incoming Phoenix-area businesses.


Phoenix is also home to several top healthcare systems.   Including Scottsdale Health Catholic Healthcare West and Banner Health.  All of which offer an array  of employment opportunities. Arizona hospital and healthcare employment has grown significantly, outpacing the  annual  employment  growth of hospitals nation wide. With new hospital facilities being constructed, the number of jobs available to those in the healthcare sector will continue to rise.


The Valley of the Sun also houses major data centers and technology companies. Top technology employers in Phoenix include Intel Honeywell Boeing and defense contractors.  Arizona’s technology sector is quickly becoming the best kept secret.  Through efforts by the economic development groups and the area’s technology leaders, the technology sector continues to grow and expand.


Where do U.S. residents go when its 20 degrees below freezing in their home state? Phoenix has become the go-to place for northerners to relax unwind and enjoy the beautiful winter weather and sun-stricken scenery unmatched by anywhere else. For those highly-needed spa days there are approximately 495 hotels in the Phoenix area.   Running at full steam with resort-like spas employed by aestheticians and masseuses for a perfectly relaxing day. Need a day outside to enjoy hitting the green with friends? Phoenix has numerous golf courses to keep golfers putting away and to fuel the industry humming alongside it.