Are you trying to find the right gym for you in the Phoenix area?  Whether you just moved to Phoenix or you have been here your whole life it can be hard to find a fitness center that meets your expectations.  You want too find someplace that will motivate you to keep coming back rather than overwhelm you or drive you away.   The ideal gym is clean, has great hours, offers a variety of workout options and isn’t overly expensive.  Here are the top 8 Phoenix area gyms according to

It can be hard to find everything you want out of a gym but we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the top eight gyms in the area based off of local’s reviews.  The list includes only those facilities with a full 5-star rating on Yelp.

  1. Mountainside Fitness – 602-343-6310 – Various Locations
  2. Life Time Fitness – 623-244-3200 – Various Locations
  3. EOS Fitness – 602-368-1221 –
  4. Anytime Fitness – 602-362-3166 –
  5. Physiques Gym – 602-953-1111 –
  6. Tangible Fitness – 602-274-4664 –
  7. F45 Training East Phoenix – 602-714-7450 –
  8. TriFIT Wellness – 602-765-7770 –

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