Civic Space Park – A Local Phoenix Attraction. The civic space park is a “bridge” between the ASU and surrounding community.   Accommodating a variety of uses events and daily functions of the university. The post office building,  the A. E. England Building and green space comprises a student commons area.   Additionally, the splash pad water feature is a fun place to cool off.   There are abundant shady areas for picnics and outdoor relaxation.   A signature shade structure is the centerpiece of the park’s sustainable design.

Civic Space Park offers residents workers ASU students and downtown visitors a setting with unique urban design sustainable construction.   With operational features and a landmark public sculpture by artist Janet Echelman.  Furthermore, The park which opened in April 2009 utilizes sustainable design techniques to generate power keep the area cool and capture rain water.

Sustainable park features include:

  • Solar panels on the park’s shade structures will generate 75 kilowatts of power (enough to power 8-9 residential homes) to offset the park’s lighting and electrical needs.
  • Extensive shade; more than 70 percent of the park’s surface area will be shaded when its trees and vegetation reach maturity.
  • Hard surfaces made with pervious concrete and pavers that reduce heat reflection and allow rainfall to seep through reducing damaging storm runoff
  • Trees planted with a system that utilizes grates and specially engineered soils to protect roots minimize compaction and allow ample room for root expansion.
  • Immediate access to Light Rail and bus transit stations which are located just feet from the park. To encourage pedestrian visitation and use of mass transit there were no parking spaces built for the park.

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