Anyone planning to relocate needs to know just how far their paychecks will stretch in their new city.  Making sure that you can afford the quality of life you are searching for is why people seek to move.  As luck would have it the cost of living in Phoenix Arizona makes this metropolitan area a good choice.

The good news is your hard earned dollar will stretch a little further in Phoenix and Tucson.  In fact since 2015 Phoenix and Tucson have experienced thriving population growth leading the way with the highest and second-highest growth rate in Arizona.

The ACCRA, (a national organization dedicated to economic development and policy research) Cost of Living Index ranks a range of living expenses in major cities.  The index measures differences between areas in the cost of consumer goods and services minus taxes and non-consumer expenditures.

The index also measures relative price levels for consumer goods and services in areas like groceries, utilities and housing. The average is set at 100 for metropolitan and non-metro cities. In Phoenix and Tucson you’ll find yourself paying about the same for transportation utilities health care and other goods and services as with other similar-sized cities.  When it comes to necessities like housing and groceries Phoenix and Tucson prices remain affordable.

Whether you’re thinking about moving here or are already here it’s easy to see that Arizona measures up not only in terms of quality of life but also with its affordability. is a great website to compare the cost of living in cities, give it a try!