The Power of a Bilingual Education

As a parent you want to make the best educational choices for your children. In our rapidly expanding world, giving your child the gift of fluency in two or more languages and  high quality academics is something to seriously consider.  The International School of Arizona offers an exceptional bilingual education.

Research shows that bilingual students outperform their counterparts.  Bilingual students are more likely to seek a higher education and exhibit greater communication skills.  Moreover, bilingual children have a superior ability to focus and have greater ease in switching between unrelated mental tasks.  For this reason, our Full-language immersion programs not only give students an edge in their education but also in their lives.

The demand for more language exposure in schools has led to the expansion of second language classes as a weekly enrichment or an elective class among public, private and charter schools. Naturally,  you may be wondering what’s the difference between language immersion and the traditional language classes.  In traditional second language classes the target language is taught for one hour a week.  Whereas, our Language immersion uses the target language to teach other subjects such as mathematics, science, social studies, music and art. This allows your child to learn a second language naturally.

French and Spanish Immersion Programs

For over 21 years ISA has been passionately offering a progressive international education taught in  a safe, diverse and nurturing environment.  At the International School of Arizona (ISA) all instruction is taught exclusively in immersion style by native language speakers. Not only do our students learn a second language, they are also exposed to a rich cultural education. Our fully accredited French and Spanish language immersion programs starts in early childhood education and the evolving adaptive curriculum follows the requirements of the French and Spanish Ministries of Education.

Students that have been through our Lower School and ISA Middle School speak two or three languages fluently.  Notably,  students are culturally aware, take educated risks and have learned critical thinking skills.  As a result, ISA students embrace technology and have developed lifelong learning skills for 21st century demands.  In addition,  middle school students are prepared to attend the best college preparatory high schools with a unique academic multicultural advantage highly sought after by elite universities worldwide.

There is a special feeling a parent gets when they know they have found the right school for their children. ISA is more than a best-in-class fully accredited well-established language school.  Ultimately, it is a unique community of incredibly supportive, diverse and multicultural families who view the opportunity of language academics a lifelong gift to their children.

We invite you to consider whether ISA is the right school for your family.

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