Phoenix temperatures are sunny and mild.  Temperatures range widely from North to South but Arizona averages 306 sunny days per year. Arizona residents needn’t worry about changing their clocks backward or forward. The state observes Mountain Standard Time year round.
Arizona experiences a “monsoon season” once per year. Most of Arizona’s rain occurs in the summer months but there is sometimes a short rainy season mid-winter. Summer monsoon storms are often precipitated by dust storms. Although unpleasant sounding dust storms are generally harmless and visually stunning. The rainy seasons are vital to recharge the riparian areas like the Upper San Pedro River Basin.
Surprisingly Arizona has 3928 summits and mountain peaks which make it a great location for hiking biking and other outdoor sports. Moderate winters allow for an exceptionally long period of time residents can engage in alfresco activities. Golf is immensely popular in Arizona and ample courses provide for a variety of playing options.
Perhaps the best things about Arizona weather are the things it’s missing – no humidity no blizzards no frozen windshields and no tornados. Every morning of the year wake up and go.