Phoenix is dedicated to making and keeping the city a livable, safe area for its residents.  For example, the City of Phoenix provides a School Safety program that is funded be a grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.  The program aims to increase the number of School Resource Officers (SRO’s) in Phoenix schools.

This program is reflective of a commitment that continues with the Phoenix-area city of Goodyear.  The city has won the National Civic League-sponsored All-American City Award competition. Since 1949, the award “recognizes civic excellence, honoring communities of all sizes.  In which citizens, government, businesses and voluntary organizations work together to explain how they are successfully resolving critical local issues.

There is something for everyone (in Arizona).  World class resorts, remote hiking and backpacking trails, an assortment of high-quality restaurants and family friendly communities”

Awards, awards and more awards

The National Civic League has selected Phoenix as an “All American City” five times.  The All American City award is given to communities across the US that identify and tackle community wide challenges.  Furthermore, also identified Phoenix as a “magnet for Generation Y”.  Due to these residents of having the nation’s best job opportunities.

TV and y Mas Magazine, a Spanish language television guide has also voted Phoenix as the “Best Place to raise a family”. and rated Phoenix as number 7 in the nation for recent college graduates.

So much to offer

Overall, Phoenix has a lot to offer its residents and has been recognized for its reasonable cost of living and universal appeal by national relocation companies and surveys.