Relocation to a new city is a big undertaking. It means uprooting kids from schools, saying goodbye to coworkers and friends and preparing for the excitement of a new venture. It also means establishing new relationships with family doctors, dentists, insurance agents, financial advisors, attorneys, realtors, banks, etc. How do you find businesses you can trust in your new community?

Many consumers turn to online reviews. They often pick the best service provider they can find based on several factors, including their online “star” rating. A word of caution: if a company has a perfect star rating, it could be an indictor that they’ve purchased reviews. Current search engine algorithms frown on perfect reviews, especially if they all occur in a short window of time. High ratings can be legit, but follow your instincts.

Another way to find the service providers you need is turn to referrals. Most people rely on their social media connections here for opinions and recommendations. Your social media connections, however may not be here in Phoenix. Until you can establish a network of friends, neighbors and coworkers, it can be difficult to find reliable recommendations.

If your new home will be in North Phoenix, you can refer to the official local business directory that the North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce owns and operates. This trusted community of local business owners has chosen to raise families, buy homes and run businesses in North Phoenix. They have a vested interest in the community and a reputation to uphold.  New residents can help support the local economy by shopping local, thinking local and supporting local.

Visit to find the official North Phoenix business directory. If you’re moving to another location of the valley outside of North Phoenix, search for the chamber of commerce and support their trusted local business professionals.

Please call 602-482-3344 and the staff at the North Phoenix Chamber can help you find the services you need.

Welcome to North Phoenix!