Tests are part of school life anywhere you live and it’s no different in Arizona.  The state of Arizona uses standardized testing to gauge students progress.  Education is taken seriously, and students are encouraged  to succeed.

According to the Arizona Department of Education, the statewide educational assessment program includes the Arizona Instrumental to Measure Standards or AIMS and the AzMERIT test.  These tests are broken out to several tests depending on grate level.  The tests are designed to measure each student’s progress in learning the Arizona Academic Standards.

These particular standards define what students should know wand be able to do in read, writing and math through course of a students K-12 education.  Grouped into Readiness (kindergarten), Foundations (grades 1-3), Essentials (grades 4-8), Proficiency (grades 9-12).

No matter where you’re moving, and whether you have children or not, education is an important consideration for anyone considering relocation.  The quality of education in a community affects everything from  the resale value to the schools in your neighborhood.

For more information about the AIMS test, including a description of content, guidelines and sample tests, visit www.ade.state.az.us/standard/aims.  For more information on the AzMERIT test, including content, guidelines and a sample test visit www.azed.gov.assesment/azmerit.