Anyone  planning  to  relocate  needs  to  know  just  how far  their  paychecks  will  stretch  in their  new adopted city.    If you are considering a move to Arizona, good news, the Arizona cost of living will allow your hard earned dollar to go further.

Arizona cost of living is slightly higher that the US average with a index of 102.2 versus a bench mark of 100.  Several indicators are factored in when determining the cost of housing index including, groceries, healthcare, housing, median home cost, utilities, transportation and other miscellaneous items.

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In Phoenix and Tucson you’ll find yourself paying about the same for transportation utilities health care and other goods and services as  with other similar-sized cities. And when it comes to necessities like housing and groceries Phoenix and Tucson prices remain affordable.   Although, the median cost for a home is slightly higher that the US average, but at $330,344 homes are still very affordable in Arizona.

If you are thinking about renting in Arizona, you will be happy to learn that monthly rent is below the US average.  See below for a comparison by apartment size.

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Whether you’re thinking about moving here or are already here it’s easy to see that Arizona measures up not only in terms ​of quality of life but also with its affordability