Phoenix is a place of sunny disposition: literally that is since the city enjoys at least 300 days of sun each year; and figuratively too since this Arizona capital nicknamed The Valley of the Sun has all the essentials for a happy and well-rounded life.

If you are considering moving to a new city Phoenix could be the best choice for you. Here are 5 reasons why you should move to Phoenix.

1. The Great Outdoors in Phoenix

Phoenix has no shortage of fixes for those in need of adrenaline rush. Situated in The Sonoran Desert; surrounded by mountains such as the McDowell Mountains White Tank Mountains Superstition Mountains and Sierra Estrella; and with the Salt River cutting through the heart of the city Phoenix’s landscape is built for outdoor play. Here you can go biking hiking climbing river rafting or even hot-air balloon riding on your free time.

2. Phoenix Area Arts and Culture 

The city’s arts and culture environment can rival that of other metropolitan areas in the country. If you wish to know more about the confluence of Hispanic and Native American cultures in this part of Arizona you can head on to Heard Museum. For classical and contemporary artworks from around the world the Phoenix Art Museum is ready to awe you. Even street art in some parts of the city are worth ogling.

And what’s the best way to end any culture trip? Have a go at Phoenix’s authentic servings of Mexican cuisine. Or better yet sample fried rattlesnake like the gutsy person you are.

3. The Phoenix Lifestyle 

Phoenix has a love affair with coffee. Choices range between posh cafes like Inside the Bungalow and hipster nooks like the Cartel Coffee Lab. Drive-thrus are a big deal in the city as well making it easy for people on-the-go to get their quick somethings. Nightlife in the city is as diverse as it could get from dive bars to upscale lounges serving an array of clientele from those into Jazz to those who favor country-western line dancing.

To go about moving from one activity to another Phoenix residents have ample options. One is the city’s ever reliable safe and affordable Light Rail transit system.

4. The Cost of Living in Phoenix

Speaking of affordability you do not need to spend an arm and a leg to live comfortably in Phoenix. In an online survey that measures cost of living in US cities Phoenix scores significantly lower compared to U.S. average.

5. All Year Fiestas 

Cinco de Mayo is just one of the biggest festivals the city of Phoenix has to offer. It covers a wide range of highlights from concerts to art shows to food fairs. But it’s not the only one worth noting.

It’s also worth mentioning that Phoenix is home to the corporate headquarters of five Fortune 500 companies namely: Freeport McMoran Avnet Insight Enterprises PetSmart and Republic Services. The presence of these big-time businesses in the city speaks of Phoenix’s thriving economy. For anyone looking for a new city of dwelling this ought to be a major plus. Knowing you are relocating to a place with recognizable potential for economic mobility in which you could take part is exciting to say the least.

There are several reasons why choosing Phoenix as your new home makes sense, however we hope these 5 reasons why you should move to Phoenix is a start!